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Deborah Paul Maufi.

Healthcare Project Manager +

Women’s Health Consultant

Multi-ethnic group of women

Supporting women and girls beyond healthcare wherever they are.

Improving women's health today isn't just crucial; it's an imperative leap toward a brighter, healthier future for all. With women comprising half of the global population, neglecting their unique health needs is not an option. Statistics reveal a stark reality: women's health concerns are often sidelined, leading to significant gaps in care and outcomes. By addressing these needs, we not only close significant care gaps but also unlock vast potential that strengthens communities, boosts economies and supports families. A strategic investment of $300 million in women's health research could yield an impressive $13 billion in economic returns. Investing in women’s health is not just equitable; it's smart, fuels innovation, promotes inclusivity, and drives progress, ensuring every woman thrives and shapes a healthier tomorrow for all.

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Women live longer than men but spend 25% more time in poor health.


Dedicated to transforming global healthcare through information, communication, and technology to enhance health outcomes and advance health equity for women and girls wherever they are.


Empowering businesses by fostering environments that support women’s health, enhancing productivity and workplace satisfaction. My services are designed to educate, advocate, and implement policies that foster a health-friendly atmosphere for all your female employees.

Focus areas: Menstrual Health, Fertility, & Menopause

My step-by-step approach includes:

Gender Policies Audit

Managerial Consultations

Educational Workshops

Policy Development/Reform


Are you an NGO dedicated to improving Women and Newborn Health in Sub-Saharan Africa? I understands the critical importance of advocating for the health and well-being of women in this region. I’m here to support your mission and amplify your impact. Here's how I can help:


Technical & Strategy Consulting

Evidence generation



Are you a startup or scaleup innovating for women's and newborns' health, with a focus on making an impact in underserved communities? Here's what I can offer you:

Strategy consultation

Project management


Speaker on Women’s Health and Health Equity.

Consulting with purpose

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About me

I'm a healthcare project manager and women's health consultant from Tanzania living in the Netherlands, with a decade of experience in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. My primary focus is Women's Health, Health Tech, Advocacy, and Communications to improve access to health information and services to advance health equity. My business ethos is fueled by a deep commitment to enhancing primary health & care access and outcomes through technology and informed advocacy. I employ a strategy of continuous learning and a people-centered approach in all projects.

I have a Bachelor's in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). I am recognized as one of HIMSS Future50 Clinical Leaders and an experienced public speaker on health equity and women’s health. I am a member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society(HIMSS) and an advisor in the Global Health Equity Network Taskforce and the Global Menstrual Justice Advisory Taskforce.

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